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Artwork Information
We have the very latest software / applications to handle your order and ensure your design is ready for print. Below are some guidelines and helpful information for you to view. Our design team are happy to help, please contact us if you require any assistance with your artwork.

Pdfs are our preferred choice of file. Please view our pdf checklist below, however we do accept other files.We can provide a full design service if you have no artwork. Call for details and click here for prices.

We strongly advise that these files are proofed before printing to ensure that you get a printed job that matches your expectations.
Prerferred format - Pdf
Pdf - High quality / Press quality ready pdfs.

Correct dimensions

When designing for print you must ensure that you create your artwork in the correct document format.

If you create your artwork to the correct size with bleed, you will drastically reduce any potential delays.

3mm Bleed
When sending files to print we require your artwork to include 3mm bleed on each edge of the document

Bleed refers to the extension of any blocks of graphics or colour that you want to run right up to the edge of the cut sheet.

Without a bleed you can sometimes end up with a white border around your artwork, where you haven't carried your design far enough into the bleed area.

The No1 cause for delays in printing can be attributed to files being sent without bleed.

We carry all the most popular Mac and PC fonts, please confirm at the time of ordering.

Where you have used a rare font outside the 'normal' range we recommend converting the text created with this font into curves.
This means that we no longer require the original font when we print your job.

Where you are supplying your work as a PDF it should always be produced with fonts embedded. With a Tif or Jpg, fonts are much less of an issue since these formats effectively embed the fonts required to print.

Uploading artwork
Once you have completed your order, you will be emailed a link to upload your artwork
• We can receive emails up to 5MB
• We can receive 'Yousendit' files up to 100MB - if you need to send us files via hightail please contact us for details.

Artwork templates
Xpress Printing provide template pdf files to help you create your artwork. Please contact us with your request.

Design service
We can provide a full design service if you have no artwork. Call for details and prices. Click here to view our portfolio.

See below for sizes, any non-standard sizes please email or call with your request.

Software accepted
• Adobe PDF
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Indesign
• Adobe Illustrator
• Quark Express
• Macromedia Freehand
• CorelDRAW
• Encapsulated Post Script (EPS)
• Microsoft Word

Files can be supplied on the following removable media. Email.
USB sticks, CD, DVD Discs
Customers can supply files from most PC or Apple Mac applications.

Size (mm) in MM x MM
Credit Card 85mm x 55mm
A7 105mm x 74mm
Sq - Small 105mm x 105mm
A6 148mm x 105mm
DL 210mm x 99mm
Sq - Medium 148mm x 148mm
A5 210mm x 148mm
Sq - Large 210mm x 210mm
A4 297mm x 210mm
Sq - X-Large 297mm x 297mm
A3 420mm x 297mm
Sq - XX - Large 420mm x 420mm
A2 594mm x 420mm
A1 840mm x 594mm
A0 1194mm x 840mm